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We give disadvantaged children, youth, and women access to a hopeful and productive future.
Our principal focus is girls and boys on the threshold of adolescence.
We develop and support projects that improve children's opportunities in three crucial areas:
Body (health and sanitation), Mind (libraries and educational resources), and Spirit (art and photography).




We provide information to help children make sound decisions about health, nutrition, and sanitation as they grow into adolescence.




We enhance educational opportunities by developing, maintaining, and improving information resources.



We provide opportunities for children to explore and express their creativity and inventive curiosity through art, photography, or music.



ANEW is the action arm of the JJ Metta Memorial Foundation. ANEW provides comprehensive assistance to children, youth, and women in need by supporting and enhancing basic education; providing science-based information about nutrition, health, and sanitation; and expanding children's opportunities for self-expression through the creative arts.


Our driving principle is the conviction that health, education, and dignity are fundamental rights of all children. 


The JJ Metta Memorial Foundation is a USA registered 501(c)3 charitable organization – Tax ID No. 20-8839471. 

India Chapter Registration ID 1609-IV.



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Give Learning. Give Skills. Give Hope.


The JJ Metta Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 2343
Rockville, Maryland 20847-2343

Email: information@thejjmettafoundation.org

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