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We provide information to help children make sound decisions about health, nutrition, and sanitation as they grow into adolescence.


We enhance educational opportunities by developing, maintaining, and improving information resources for school-age children.


We provide opportunities for children to explore and express their creativity and inventive curiosity through art, photography, or music.

Featured Projects 

Our Dignity Project

Our Dignity Project has constructed clean safe bathrooms for schoolchildren and has launched a project  that will establish a women-run rural factory near Hyderabad to produce and distribute affordable and 100 percent compostable sanitary pads.

Brick By Brick

Since 2007, we have helped provide safe clean housing, health care, and education to orphaned and underserved children in the Hyderabad area.

Medical Camp

The Shailaja Rao medical camp at the Sphoorti Childrens Home provided disadvantaged children with basic health screening, hearing and vision tests, and dental health checkups. For most of these children, our camp was their first interaction with medical professionals.  

A New Awakening

We supported the development and production of this video, which is intended to encourage better understanding of and active involvement in issues related to public health and hygiene. The video was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Indian government's Swachh Bharat (Hindi for "clean India") Mission.

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